Virtual Mosaic

From anywhere in the world, Virtual Mosaic lets you create branded visual art in real-time.

Alongside our Virtual Photo Booth, we created a way for brands to connect with their audience and create digital art at the same time.

As people create or upload content, a Virtual Mosaic is born and comes together beautifully as the event or campaign unfolds.

Embed Mosaic Anywhere

Virtual Mosaic allows for multiple output options. Embed your piece of brand and content art on your site, within your virtual event, or share it as part of your marketing campaign.

Works With Virtual Booth

The world’s most popular virtual photo booth software works seamlessly with Virtual Mosaic. As your event or campaign progresses, images are collected in a gallery and automatically become a part of the branded mosaic!

Virtual Mosaic FAQ

How many photos are in the mosaic?
Mosaics can be populated with anywhere from 300 to 7,500 images.

How can photos be uploaded?
Photos can be uploaded via direct upload, hashtag pulls, or virtual photo booth.

Do you offer a time-lapse?
Yes, we offer a time-lapse video you can add to your Mosaic experience.

How long is the link good for?
Your live virtual mosaic link is good for 4 weeks. If you need it for longer, you can add additional time.

Can this pull from hashtags on social media?
Yes, your Mosaic can pull from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.